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Rolling back

I noticed that the Twenty Seventeen Theme that I installed on this blog at the start of the year wasn’t playing too nicely with Epiphany. Having lots of links in a post is a bit pointless if you have to hover your mouse over them in order for them to be highlighted.

So I have rolled back to the previous theme which, if I’m honest, looks a lot nicer than all this new-fangled modernity,

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New Year, New Look

With the latest release of WordPress, the Twenty Seventeen theme was also released. And I’ve not only managed to find a bit of time to play around with it, but I’ve also cleaned up some of the sidebar links while I was at it. I’m not entirely sure about the massive header image, but the theme itself seems to work reasonably slickly so I shall see how it goes.

And, as we venture cautiously into 2017, all that remains is for me to with you all the best of luck for the new year.

Congratulations on surviving 2016, here’s hoping we all make it through the next 365 days.

Happy New Year Danbo.
Photo by Leland Francisco. Click image for original.

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Change is the only constant

WordPress 4.4 was released yesterday and, after a bit of poking around, I found that — at first glance — I quite like the new Twenty Sixteen theme (the last theme I liked being the Twenty Twelve one).

I am still poking around a bit to see what options the theme gives me out of the box, so consider this to be a warning that the look of this blog has changed and may change further over the next few days.

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The Akismet spam filter in WordPress really is very good indeed. It does an excellent – and endlessly improving – job of identifying and deleting comment spam that I can simply leave it running and forget about it.

Nothing is perfect, however, and the occasional comment does make it through to my moderation queue. Like this one:

I am John, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this network site is really fastidious.

And the post containing this comment worthily fastidious paragraph… Is here.

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A change is as good as a rest

Much as I liked the Arjuna-X WordPress theme that I have been using, it does have its limitations. The main one being that the fixed width display really does require a full size screen and this is not a lot of fun if I want to access the site from my mobile phone. So, after a bit of poking around, I have decided to give Designfolio a try.

I will probably tinker with the theme a little once I have found my way around it but, for now, I am very impressed. Especially when I access the site from my mobile phone.

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Housekeeping note: Now with syntax highlighting

I haven’t posted a lot of code on this blog, but I have started to find the plain text formatting used up to now is not as readable as it could be. Since this site is a WordPress install, it seemed sensible to take a look at the Plugin Directory to see if I could do anything about this. And I can.

WP Code Highlight provides syntax highlighting and, handily, uses the <pre> and </pre> to establish where to apply the highlighting.

I have, therefore, installed it, tinkered around with the settings and then adjusted the theme settings to accommodate it. I may make a few minor tweaks if I spot any glaring inconsistencies but, for now, I am pretty happy with the way things are starting to look.

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Much as I liked the Ghostwriter theme, it really did struggle to handle inline images properly and after a couple of months of intending to have a crack at the CSS, I have finally admitted to myself that I don’t have the time. So I have gone back to the Arjuna-X theme that I was using when I started this blog.

In other news, I have deactivated the Google +1 plugin. It was messing with my layout.

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