Athena and Chocolate Boxes

The town of Meerhout today (as well as tomorrow and next weekend) organised an exhibition of local amateur art. There was plenty of it but – apart from a very few pieces – you could certainly see why these artists are amateur.

Quite disappointing really.

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I have a Hardy Heron

Six months ago I decided to take another look at Linux and installed Ubuntu in a second partition on my PC. Not wanting to dual boot indefinitely I decided to see how things went for six months and then reinstall with either a fully windows or fully Ubuntu environment.

Yesterday Canonical – the people behind Ubuntu – released version 8.04 of the operating system and, not having booted into Windows since early January, I had no qualms about wiping Windows from my hard drive.

And, with a bit of preparation up front, it all went incredibly smoothly. The short version is: backup the home folder; format the drive and install; restore the home folder; reboot.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it as yet but the first thing I noticed was how fast it is. The system boots up in under a minute and applications are launching at a blistering speed.

But for now, it’s back to Jamendo to download (again) all of the music I deleted in order to fit my data on a USB key.

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