Made with Linux

The following photo is probably not the most exciting picture I’ve ever posted, but it’s the first one I’ve attempted to upload from my phone since upgrading to Ubuntu. I’m impressed, even if no-one else is.

Sunset over Meerhout

And while I’m on the subject of free and open source software, this post was written using Epiphany.

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It's nice to have a choice

Ubuntu logo A little over a week ago, and after hesitating over Linux for some time, I finally took the plunge and installed Ubuntu. It helped, I have to admit, that the install disk allows you to boot your PC from the CD which allows you to play around with it – and check that you can still connect to the internet, and do other vital tasks.

It all went remarkably smoothly and, although I did sign up to the support forums, I’ve found myself asking far fewer questions that I thought I would.

One of the nicest things about Ubuntu is the application manager. If you to install – or remove – an application, you click on a button and off it goes, finds what you need and comes back with a list of options. You select the one you want and… You’re done. No waiting, no rebooting, no cleaning up unwanted icons, your software is installed and ready to use.

This is why I was more than a little amused at this post (via), which describes – in lots of unnecessary detail – how to install MySQL on Ubuntu.

Run Synaptic Package Manager. Click Search and type mysql server. Select the mysql-server-5.0 package. A dialog will pop up saying that installing the MySQL Server package requires installing a bunch of other packages too. See how it did that? It’s called dependency management, and it’s built into all modern Linux distributions. Computers are smart like that. Click Apply and Ubuntu will download, extract, and install everything for you. Along the way it will ask you to enter a password for the MySQL “root” user. You should do that. Blank passwords are bad, mmkay?

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Our House

And finally it was done. The garden was levelled, the drive was built and the terrace was replaced and the results – even if I say so myself – are looking pretty good.

The front of our house now looks like this

From the front

And here’s the rear view

From the back

And here’s the view from our brand new terrace

From the terrace

And finally… here’s a shot of Macsen trying to eat his way to freedom

Eat for freedom!

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