Starship Sofa

The Starshipsofa crew If you ever look at my blogroll, you may have noticed several podcasts on there. I keep meaning to mention some of these more explicitly but, being the disorganised soul that I am, it’s something I still haven’t gotten around to.

However, having just listened to Episode 29 of Starship Sofa, I can stay silent no longer.

Starship Sofa is a science fiction podcast in which the two hosts – Tony C. Smith and Ciaran O’Carroll – pick a subject and, taking inspiration from Ronny Corbett, embark on a digression packed conversation around their chosen field. The results are always entertaining, often informative and well worth a listen.

Check them out but I have to warn you that if you’re using headphones, the first 14 minutes of Episode 29 are beast heard in private unless you’re comfortable with a room full of people wondering why you’ve just started laughing like a drain.

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A musical interlude

Elections on 10 June

Belgians will go to the polls on 10 June to elect all the 150 members of the Chamber of Representatives and 40 of the 74 members of the Belgian Senate. Parliament will carry on working until April and the Federal Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt (Flemish liberal) says that it will be business as usual for his government until then.

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The furniture arrived earlier this week, and now it’s in place. The photos below really don’t do it justice but they’re the best I can do for now…


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