Macsen meets Sinta

Busy, busy day today. First we had to head to Turnhout where Macsen met Sinta Klaas…

Macsen meets Sinta in Turnhout

And, after handing out a rather nice selection of noisy presents, Sinta had to rush off…


And for us, it was a quick trip to Hasselt… and Plopland!

And it was here that Macsen rode the ducks…

Riding the ducks in Plopland

… the merry go round…

The Plopland merry-go-round

… and the frogs.

The Plopland frog

And you’ll never believe who made an appearance next!

Santa again!

This time there was a queue… and it was long. But our intrepid party people finally made it to the front

The queue of doom

… and weren’t entirely convinced that it was worth it

The Meeting...

But friendships were made…

... went well...

… and gifts were given.

And a gift from Zwart Piet

What a nice man!

What a nice man

And then it was straight back to the rides

And back to the rides!

Until Plop put in an appearance


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Tree Planting

Every year, the town of Meerhout organises a tree planting event in which all children born in the previous year are given the opportunity to plant a tree. This means, of course, that this year it was Macsen’s turn.

Planting the tree

Planting a tree
Planting a tree

A job well done

A job well done

After the work, the reward

After the work, the reward

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Dealing with fan mail the Heinlein way

Dealing with fan mail is a problem faced by many authors – especially as their popularity grows. CT2 reveals that Robert Heinlein had an entertainingly unique solution to this – the form letter.

The Letter

While a form letter such as this may be a bit impersonal, some acknowledgement is better than none and it is impressive that Heinlein managed to reply to pretty much all his mail. There is probably also something revealing about fandom in the fact that a mere 21 responses were enough to cover the vast bulk of Heinlein’s mail.

Sadly this approach was abandoned in 1984 when, according to Heinlein’s wife, Ginny: “with the advent of computerization in our household, we no long use the form letter to answer fan mail. I find that it is possible now, with the computer, to write individual letters in reply to fan mail faster than I could check off the answer on the form.”

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