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Wilful stupidity

Here is a Facebook status that perfectly exemplifies everything that is wrong and stupid about religion.

Someone posts an utterly ludicrous statement, asserting that it is a fact. When someone politely points out the actual astronomical facts the creationist fool does the online equivalent of sticking his fingers in his ears and shouting: “LA LA LA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

I have, in the past, referred to the religious as being wilfully ignorant. This Facebook status demonstrates why I think this.

(via Pharyngula)

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The Papal Broadcasting Corporation?

Staying with the subject of my last post, the NSS asks What’s Going On?

Last week, the chapter of the Ryan Report that had been suppressed pending a court case was published. It revealed yet again a catalogue of deliberate and carefully orchestrated cover ups by the Church, both locally and in the Vatican. Children who might have been spared the trauma of sexual abuse were sacrificed in order that the Church could spare itself further criticism.

Yet another report about abuse in the diocese of Cloyne has been presented to the Irish Government, and soon there will be another extensive list of victims and another account of the Vatican’s contempt for them.

But it is not only child abuse that the Pope should be made to answer for. The Vatican bank is under investigation (again) for money laundering. It is a bank that is excused the regulation that any other bank is bound to observe. But there are strong suspicions that it is hand in glove with the mafia.

Last week we revealed that the Vatican is in negotiation with Belarus over the signing of a pact that will give the Catholic Church numerous privileges in that country. A country that is, at present, ruled with an iron fist by “Europe’s last dictator”, the despotic Alexander Lukashenka who has now gained the nickname “Europe’s Mugabe”.

He fixes elections, jails opponents and suppresses dissent with ruthless violence. Just the sort of man the Vatican likes to do business with. Just as it did with Hitler. And it is still enjoying the fruits of that concordat, with millions of euros flowing into the Vatican’s coffers from the German taxpayer. Similarly with the concordats it signed with Mussolini in Italy, with the tyrannical Franco in Spain and his counterpart Salazar in Portugal. And with just about every foul dictator that has infested South America.

Why is this never questioned?

Why indeed?

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As I scroll through my RSS reader, a couple of stories jumped out at me…

Pope to deliver Thought For The Day on Christmas Eve

Pope Benedict has recorded a Christmas message especially for the UK, to be broadcast by the BBC on Christmas Eve.

Ariz. Hospital May Lose Catholic Status Over 2009 Abortion Case

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz., will be stripped of its Catholic status on Friday unless Catholic Healthcare West meets several demands outlined in a Nov. 22 letter from Bishop Thomas Olmsted.

The issue stems from the 2009 decision by the hospital to authorize an abortion to save the life of a pregnant woman. The woman, who already had four children, was 11 weeks pregnant and had pulmonary hypertension, a rare condition in which continuing the pregnancy often jeopardizes the life of the woman. Physicians concluded that the placenta had to be removed to prevent the patient from dying.

Yes, you read that right. The Catholic Church believes that to be a good Catholic, a doctor must stand back and allow a mother of four to die. And the priests are going to throw a tantrum until they get their way.

Why the BBC is giving a platform to the leader of this vile death cult is beyond me.

(Credit: The Arizona Hospital Story came via Butterflies and Wheels. Ophelia Benson’s take on it is worth a read)

Update: Yahoo! Buzz sums up the news of the Pope’s message perfectly.

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Twilight joins the War on Christmas ™

Via The Freethinker comes the news that Stephen “Birdshit” Green is demanding Tesco withdraw a Twilight advent calendar.

According to the one-man movement:

It’s sickening to see the message of Jesus Christ being hijacked to peddle a brand like Twilight, which to all intents and purposes proclaims an anti-religious cult. […]Twilight may be fiction, but it is dangerous to mix-up such a story in the minds of impressionable children with that of the Nativity.

I do have some sympathy for Green here because, as everyone knows, Jesus is a zombie, not a vampire.

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A paranoid lack of self-awareness

In a transparent attempt to convince the rest of the world that their delusions are not as paranoid as they look, a bunch of Christian campaigners have declared that today is “Not Ashamed Day” and staged a comical media circus outside the House of Lords.

Inevitably, the best coverage of this event comes from News Thump: Why do people treat us with the same contempt we show homosexuals, ask Christians.

Via Pharyngula.

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Pointing and laughing

Last week Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini called on his homophobic, misogynistic friends at the Vatican to join with his homophobic, misogynistic former enemies to construct a “New Humanism”. Given the Catholic Church’s recent record, I think it’s safe to assume that any religious inspired “humanism” would be identifiable by its complete lack of humanity.

But how do you respond when the leaders of various religions realise that their imagined doctrinal differences, the imagined doctrinal differences that have done so much to divide humanity and cause untold harm, just don’t matter now that they can all agree to hate someone else?

Humour is usually the best response. With that in mind, allow me to point you in the direction of the ever reliable Jesus and Mo.

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