Twilight joins the War on Christmas ™

Via The Freethinker comes the news that Stephen “Birdshit” Green is demanding Tesco withdraw a Twilight advent calendar.

According to the one-man movement:

It’s sickening to see the message of Jesus Christ being hijacked to peddle a brand like Twilight, which to all intents and purposes proclaims an anti-religious cult. […]Twilight may be fiction, but it is dangerous to mix-up such a story in the minds of impressionable children with that of the Nativity.

I do have some sympathy for Green here because, as everyone knows, Jesus is a zombie, not a vampire.

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Pointing and laughing

Last week Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini called on his homophobic, misogynistic friends at the Vatican to join with his homophobic, misogynistic former enemies to construct a “New Humanism”. Given the Catholic Church’s recent record, I think it’s safe to assume that any religious inspired “humanism” would be identifiable by its complete lack of humanity.

But how do you respond when the leaders of various religions realise that their imagined doctrinal differences, the imagined doctrinal differences that have done so much to divide humanity and cause untold harm, just don’t matter now that they can all agree to hate someone else?

Humour is usually the best response. With that in mind, allow me to point you in the direction of the ever reliable Jesus and Mo.

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