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We appear to have another pair of twins in the house. Not human ones this time, which is why we can get away with giving them names like Chili and Pepper.

They seem to have settled in pretty quickly, though.

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I have mentioned Macsen’s karate once before on this blog. Today was his second tournament – the Belgian JKF Gojukai championship.

Macsen made it through four fights, winning three of them – spectacularly in the case of the first fight. Although he didn’t manage to win the final fight, it was very close with only one point in it. And his performance was good enough to win second place.

Suffice to say, proud dad is very proud indeed.

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Today, Macsen competed in his first karate tournament. The boy did well.

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Not to be trusted with soft toys

This weekend, William was given the responsibility of looking after the class dog. So we took him out and had a few adventures, one of which resulted in the dog being left in my care for five minutes.

This is what happened next.

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This week I have mainly been playing draughts with William. In Voxelands

It’s quite a challenge looking at a digital board from completely the wrong angle. But the game is slowly progressing.

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What do you get when you let a six-year-old at your Voxelands server?

A giant statue of Mickey Mouse

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Blood Moon

A couple of evenings ago, as the kids came home, it was dark and the moon was both full and red. Alex decided he had to take a photo of this and rushed in to find a camera. This is the result.

Blood Moon

Not bad for a five year old.

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This weekend has been mainly spent cutting wood. After ten years, Eve has finally agreed that a chainsaw would be useful to have (as opposed to occasionally renting one) and I have finally gotten around to taking some of the large, overhanging branches on the oak trees that surround the house.

Of course, I had help.

Next time I might even plug it in.

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Backyard camping

What's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

21st July is the Belgian National Day and a national holiday. As it falls on a Tuesday this year, many businesses stayed closed on Monday which makes for a four day weekend. And, for the second year running, the holiday weekend saw Macsen heading off for a week-long camp with the local youth group.

Sunday, therefore, was spent carefully following unnecessarily winding roads, followed by a beer and barbecue fuelled send-off for the kids. And, as we returned (along a much more sensible road), the twins announced that they, too, would like to go camping.

Fortunately, we have a tent and, while Monday was a bit miserable weather-wise, Tuesday was perfect camping weather.

The tent is still up and providing a handy bug-proof shelter for outdoor eating.

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