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Harvest time

Today was the day that we finally decided to harvest the pumpkins. It’s not a bad haul this time around, especially when you take into account the number of times I have caught cats and/or chickens in there.

The biggest of the pumpkins weighed in at 14.35 kilos, which is impressive for me.

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The first harvest of the summer

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We planted a cherry tree a couple of years ago and, this year, the fruits are starting to come up nicely.

It won’t be long now before the birds come along to eat them all.

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Pizza in the sun

Some time ago our barbeque finally collapsed. We’d had it for a good many years and, although it was badly rusted in places, we had hoped to keep it going for one more year. I can’t complain, but it would have been a little less panic inducing if the collapse had happened when it hadn’t been full of hot charcoal.

We replaced it, and quite quickly, with another similar one. When we did so, we also treated ourselves to a combined fire-pit, barbeque, and pizza oven.

We have used it as a fire-pit several times already. When stuffed with wood it does a rather good job of keeping the terrace warm as the evening starts to cool.

Yesterday, we had a go at making pizza on it. The result was really rather tasty.

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I am lawnmower, hear me roar!

This is what I found when I stepped outside this morning…

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If you follow my Quitter stream, you will be aware that this year’s horticultural efforts have been less than stellar. One bright spot, however, is that the blackberry bush I planted appears to be surviving.

The escaping chicken will be so happy when she finds this.

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No-one escapes from Tweedy’s Farm!

Sunday proved to be a busier than expected day. I stepped outside in the morning to find myself face to face with the leader of the local Poultry Liberation Committee.

Consequently, much of the afternoon was spent checking and raising the fences and trimming wings.

We await her next move.

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Chicken Run

This is a real conversation (as far as my memory allows) from Friday.

Paul: So how many chickens are you thinking of getting?
Eve: The henhouse is large enough for four but I think three is enough.
Me: Any thoughts about names?
Eve: Not yet
Me: How about Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup?
Eve: …
Me: …
Eve: We are not naming the chickens after The Powerpuff Girls.

And on Sunday we became the owners of three chickens. Two of them look like this:

The names are still a bit fluid at the moment, but I definitely think that the ginger one who keeps trying to escape should be called Ginger.

Ginger’s escape attempts pale into insignificance, however, when compared to the achievements of Catchicken.

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It’s the half-term break this week so, today, I was home alone with the kids. Never being one to pass up an opportunity, I put them to work…

… and I’ve had a very peaceful evening so far.

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The first tomato harvest of the year

It’s not a bad crop considering that the plants were pretty much devastated by summer storms.

Recovery successful.

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