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This is how you make coffee

I don’t think I need to add anything here…

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My Body is a Filter

This sums me up remarkably accurately

Via JPope

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The Greatest Addiction Ever

It’s been a long weekend over which we have enjoyed one of the smellier parts of parenting, and one of those parts that no-one reeally talks about. But we’ve made it and I am now heading to work where I can enjoy the comparative peace of only having to deal with three simultaneous disasters.

So here’s a video tribute to the greatest drug ever discovered. I have the feeling that I may be getting through quite a lot of this today.

Via Unreasonable Faith

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Irish Coffee

So after the beer, we went on for dinner. And when you’re in a French restaurant in Antwerp, what better way to round off the meal than with an authentic Irish coffee.

The blue flash in front of the chef is the flame…

Irish coffee being made

And it was watching him pour the cream that convinced us to give it a go…

Irish coffee being made

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