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Another brick in the wall

Singer Roger Waters immortalised in Brussels South station

The lead singer of the British rock group Pink Floyd will get his own mural in Brussels South station, Bruzz reports. The Liège artist Noir Artist was commissioned to make the wall painting of Waters at the Place Horta entrance.

This is where I attempt to make an obvious pun about the obvious album.

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Wow, a saxophone. I’ve always wanted to be in showbiz

It’s 35 years ago that the legendary Pimania was released by Automata and Alan Bilton has published a nostalgia inducing history of the game, the company and the creators.

I remember being caught up in the hype back in the mid-80s. Not only did I buy and failed to complete the (Dragon 32 version) of the game, but I also bought the music cassette. And if memory serves correctly, there was also a comic strip in one of the magazines that I was reading at the time.


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Quote of the Day: On Satire

By its very definition, satire is concerned not with identity or social standing, but behavior. Specifically, satire is a literary device designed to expose and mock human vice and folly. Accordingly, it is not satirists’ job to ensure the behavior being attacked is being perpetrated only by the highest members of society. Instead, satirists expose and explain all of humanity’s failings with humor.

Gladstone on The Limitations of Punching Up

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BBC to delete 172 unarchived web sites. Total saving: $3.99

From Boing Boing:

The TV people are winning at the BBC, and so they’re gutting their online budget, shutting down 172 websites. Many of them won’t be archived by the Beeb, left to vanish forever.

But one license payer thinks this is stupid. So he spent $3.99 to crawl and make a torrent out of all the threatened BBC websites. You can download the file and keep it alive, preserving the media that our license fees have paid for even though the BBC can’t be arsed to do it themselves.

Click here to read the background and download the bbc.closing.sites.archive.torrent file.

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