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The Horror of Love

This is sick, twisted and superb.

Graphic designer and illustrator, Butcher Billy has come up with a series of book covers that re-imagines famous long songs as Stephen King novels.

The concept is to look at the dark side of love through the lenses of pop culture, bringing twisted aspects of his classic stories to play with the original meanings of the songs – that can be completely subverted or strangely emphasized, while paying tribute to the vintage design of the original book covers.

Click on through to his Behance page to see the full set.

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Loop by Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with specialisation in graphics. Since 2004 he has been creating satirical and thought-provoking illustrations that comment on social, economic, and political issues. I particularly like this one, and you can find many more on Pictorem.

Thanks to @mcscx.

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Pin-up Sunday: Car Hop Cutie by Erin Greener

By Day Erin Greener is a well-behaved digital illustrator for a small start up in Ohio. By night she becomes a crazy pin up artist and doodler of things!

Her Car Hop Cutie was drawn for the Girls Drawing Girls blog.

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Pin-up Sunday: Alex Negrea

Alex Negrea is a freelancer and a concept artist working for Gameloft Romania. He has a blog and a Deviant Art page and his fantasy illustrations are nothing short of stunning.

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Pin-up Sunday: Milk by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

London based photographer, Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has a stunning series of photos featuring models in Elvgren inspired poses “wearing” milk, “frozen in time and morphed into high fashion.” The results are incredible and there’s going to be a calendar in 2014

Via Boing Boing

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Blog Action Day and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Something I didn’t know is that October 16th is Blog Action Day, an annual event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers by posting about the same issue, on the same day, in order to raise awareness and trigger a positive global discussion around an important issue.

This year, the subject is Human Rights and the ever-reliable Zen Pencils (from which I heard about the event) has a superb infographic which you can see below. But do head over to Zen Pencils to see the image in all it’s glory and then go read the original.

As it’s name suggests, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights seeks to establish a common standard of rights which apply to all. It is aspirational, achievable and something we should all keep in mind. All too often, we allow majorities to cite an array of ever more desperate excuses to trample over the rights of minorities. What the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should remind us is that not one of these excuses is ever valid.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights from Zen Pencils

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