Your name’s not on the list…

According to VRT, stricter identity checks are due to be introduced in Belgian airports by the end of this year. Specifically, the name on your ticket needs to be the same as the name on your passport.

The most surprising thing about this story is that they aren’t checking this already.

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6 thoughts on “Your name’s not on the list…

  1. Mikael

    Wow :O

    I haven’t flewn in over 20 years, but as far as I remember, they always checked that. They also checked you had visa if destination was a country that needed it. I wonder if they consider flights within EU as domestic?

  2. Paul Post author

    That’s why I was so surprised. Every time I’ve flown, I have to hand over both my ticket and my passport when I check in — so why wouldn’t they be checking that the two documents match?

    I’ve not experienced visas being checked beforehand, but this probably reflects when and where I’ve flown to. For the US and (if I recall correctly) Canada, I had to fill out a visa waiver on the plane. When I went to Turkey, they expected you to buy a visa on arrival.

  3. Mikael

    As far as I know one cannot travel with Swedish national train anymore with an anonymous ticket : You have to be prepared to show ID on train. They also begun offering a possibility to scan implanted chip instead of ticket (no joke).

  4. Paul Post author

    Implanted chips seem a bit much. My dog had one, but that was because she never learned to manage a wallet.

  5. Mikael


    “I didn’t say anything when they chipped dogs.”
    “I didn’t say anything when they chipped duffers.”
    “I didn’t … wait, what…?”

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